Cruise Ship Injuries – Why They Happen

Most people choosing to take a leisurely vacation on a luxury cruise ship expect everything to be perfect. They are looking forward to beautiful ocean views, hours spent on deck lounging in the sun, and endless food and drink. The idea of many exotic ports of call and a variety of entertaining day excursions are exciting because the cruise ship allows you to stay in one location while your room is transported around the globe. Modern cruise ships are essentially floating city blocks. They include every amenity and utility that makes up a comparative land based location. From the lowest level cargo hold to the highest upper deck, cruise ships have to be looked at with the same attention to maintenance and safety as any hotel or building complex. A marine environment creates an even greater need for routine inspection and maintenance.

Many cruise ships have fallen short on the maintenance 중국배대지 and inspection of many elements that are within reach of the general public and passenger guests. Injuries happen on almost every cruise ship line. All of the different cruise lines have things in common, and the types of injuries are often similar. In general, the staff that is charged with maintenance and observation of specific products or areas where accidents have taken place are often untrained or undertrained for the task. For instance, it is not uncommon to find out that a maintenance man in charge of evaluating automatic doors, never received any training to know how to assess the safe operation of a door system. A former ship steward or bartender are often promoted and used as maintenance workers when a position becomes available. A crew member who may be bored with his position or looking for an increase in monthly salary is looking for another job that offers some change of routine.

Frequently, there is no maintenance of potentially hazardous areas. Crew members have either not been instructed to observe or do not know that they should observe potentially problematic and dangerous equipment or design elements throughout a vessel.


An automatic sliding glass door system was operating without properly functioning sensor interaction. A woman on her way to a buffet was struck and pinned into an adjacent corner when the door repeatedly knocked her down after she attempted to get to her feet. The woman ultimately had a broken leg and pelvis which did not heal properly and has made it impossible for her to walk upstairs to her bedroom, limiting her to live on the lower level of her home since the incident.


Cruise Ship Injuries – Why They Happen
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